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Thursday, May 13, 2010

CABL009R: DJ Nomad NYC - Lights Out - The Remixes

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Nomad originally released his NYC Tribal joint over a year ago. We've been sitting on these newly mastered remixes until the right time.
Zito & Switek deliver an Acid fueled and 909 drum driven track. Miami Beach local Alan Stenback holds down the Proggier side of things, while Danger Diabolik drops a deep and funky Electro Breaks version.

Initial Select DJ/Tastemaker Reaction:
StoneBridge: Zito & Switek remix… Brings back the NYC memories - well done!
Donald Glaude: Zito & Switek remix… nice one, I will be dropping it this soon for sure
Terry Francis (Fabric London): Danger Diabolik remix… like this
Raymundo Rodriguez (The End/Jaded London): It's the Zito & Switek mix for me, nice beats and groove.
Blake Baxter (Mix Records Detroit/ Tresor Berlin): 4/5 Bangin a dance floor pleaser like the electro breaks on Acid fun
Andy Hughes ( Zito & Switek remix is the best here. Fun, bouncy with a touch of acid. Nice!
Craig Demo (Twist �— Miami Beach, Billboard Reporter): Stenback mix is tight!!
Dan Rice (Republik, Guvernment): The Zito & Switek mix is the winner! The Danger Diabolik mix is pretty good too, but more as a DJ tool rather then a stand-alone song.
DJ Gary Cannavo (Masspool DJs): Stenback’s mix… This will test well in the clubs, has the kick that a solid house track should have, very well done!!!
Chris Eterno (SPIN, @mosphere, Cocktail, SoFo's): Zito & Switek. Nice!
Reid Speed (Play Me): Danger Diabolik remix… late night drug vibes here!
DJ Meri (Rulers of the Deep): Danger Diabolik remix for me, thanks :)
DJ Ron Slomowicz (WRVU / Tribe / Play / WRFN): Z&S mix is cool -- also like the breaks mix
Half Stereo: Zito & Switek remix… pumpin' and heavy base, just in time for a party headliner.
DJ DiRRty HaRRi (Thunder Bay, Canada/ Sonic Music Prod, C2's / 2 Tone Music): Alan Stenback remix… solid track, good beats
Quartz People (Quartz Lock Records, Amsterdam): Zito & Switek remix… Nice tribal groov on this one!! the bass
Balthazar (Renesanz, Bulgaria): Zito & Switek remix… wicked!
Jim Shaft Ryan (Miss Moneypennys): Alan Stenback remix… will support
Kenneth Thomas (Perfecto): Zito & Switek Mix for me, good stuff for my radio show
Chloe Harris (Mashtronic, Further, Proton): they are all interesting in some way. i like the breaks. i like the vibe of zitos.

Additional support:
Richie Hawtin, Christian Paduraru, DJ Vibe, Thomas Penton, Nicolas Nucci, DJ Misk, M.O.D.E., Ed 2000, Ascii Disko, Tomcraft

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