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Thursday, June 17, 2010

CABL011R: 3PO - Follow the Sun - The Remixes

Artist: 3PO

Release Title: Follow the Sun Remixes

Label: Cable Recordings

Catalog Number: CABL011R

Release Date: June 15, 2010


1. Follow the Sun (Kenneth Scott Remix)

2. Follow the Sun (Jason Patrick & Max Jacobson Remix)

3. Follow the Sun (Bobby Rainmaker Remix)

Following up on the success of 3PO's original mix, which was reminiscent of the late 90s NY Tribal Prog House, we brokered some Tech House talent to offer up some new dimensions of "Follow the Sun".
San Francisco local Kenneth Scott (Nightlight Music, Auralism) delivers a very heady and moody track that is driven by its deep and bouncy bass line.
Chicago producers Jason Patrick & Max Jacobson (Klectik Records) give us a deep number that is anchored by its massive kick drum.
Little Rock, Arkansas native Bobby Rainmaker (Mindtribe) makes his production debut and offers a pounding version that is not for the faint of heart.

DJ Support:

Slam ( 4/5 liking Patrick + Jacobs mix -nice smooth groovy house

Andy Cato (Groove Armada): 4/5 Favourite Track: Follow the Sun (Jason Patrick & Max Jacobson Remix). Thanks.

Laurent Garnier: 4/5 will play Kenneth mix

Terry Lee Brown Jr. (Plastic City): 4/5 the Jason Patrick & Max Jacobson Remix!

Tom Novy ( Keneth Scott Mix for me! Superdeep!

Chris Fortier: 4/5 jason and max mix for me

Tony Rohr (Plus 8/ Drumcode/ Clink): 4/5 The original is a pretty little number, but the Rainmaker RMX slams.

Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music): Kenneth's mix is amazing! You go, boy! Jason + Max's remix is pretty slick too. Nice release.

Raymundo Rodriguez (Jaded): 4/5 I'm feeling the Kenneth Scott and Jason & Max Jacobs mixes.

Nikola Baytala ([KONTROL]/ 5/5 Its all about the Kenneth Scott Remix definetly keep an eye for this up & coming rising talent .. THIS IS DEEP

Andre Kronert (Night Drive Music): 4/5 yes!!! Patrick and Jacobson for me...

Mieka Du Franx ( 5/5 this EP is smashing! Every mix is str8 nasty. I love all 3 cuts, super productions, unique tracks.This Bobby Rainmaker remix is the bomb!! Full support xxmdf

Thomas Penton: Wicked cool pack.

Electric Indigo: kenneth scott remix is pretty nice.

Eric Entrena (Pacha): Patrick & Jacobs rmx is Nice deep stuuff, thx!

Anil Chawla (MoS Radio): 4/5 Jason Patrick & Max Jacobson mix is nice.

Gary Cannavo (Masspool DJs): 4/5 Kenneth Scott Remix - This one cannot be passed on, the deep sultry sound dives you crazy, this is one that is a true must play!!

Franco Bianco (Dilek Records/ Unfound Sound): Bobby Rainmaker remix - This release is balanced and groovy! ;)

Gino’s (High SeVen Records): 4/5 Jason & Max remix - great deep sound!!! Thanks

Formless (Evolved Audio/ Day of Hugs): 5/5 Kenneth Scott puts my mind where it wants to be! Great vibe and production.

Nik Feral ( 5/5 All over the Bobby Rainmaker Remix!!!

Alan Stenback (Miami): 5/5 Really diggin’ the deep tech grooves here, as well as the monster of a remix by Bobby Rainmaker, just massive.

Quartz People ( 5/5 Bobby Rainmaker remix - Sick sounds and a massive bass line!!!....Love it!

Radio Support:

Ed2000 (solar lounge berlin / spindler+klatt / maria / and feeling the kenneth scott rmx a lot ! will support . djs getting a good deal here , possible to play all these out in different sets / situations .radio club lounge chart !

DJ Bee ( 4/5 Nice rmx by Kenneth Scott.. good sounds.

Djamel (Radio RTE Pulse, Ireland): 4/5 Full support on Bobby Rainmakers' sinister and edgey reinterpretation.

Available at these retailers:

cable recordings,justin johnson,3po,house music,progressive house,tribal house,tech house,electro house,san francisco,nyc,buffalo
cable recordings,justin johnson,3po,house music,progressive house,tribal house,tech house,electro house,san francisco,nyc,buffalo
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