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Thursday, June 17, 2010

CABL003R: Justin Johnson and 3PO - New York Stories - The Remixes

Artist: Justin Johnson & 3PO

Release Title: New York Stories - The Remixes

Catalog Number: CABL003R

Release Date: April 5, 2010 (pre-release on Beatport), April 19 all other retailers


1. New York Stories - Lee Coombs Remix

2. New York Stories - Rock Richards Remix

3. New York Stories - Mossmoss Remix

4. New York Stories - Alan Stenback Remix

5. New York Stories - DJ Nomad NYC Remix

Available at these retailers:

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Providing a little something for nearly everybody in this remix package…

Fresh off the huge success of his full lenght album "Light & Dark" on Lot49, Lee Coombs remixes this into a bangin' Acidy stormer. Lee’s remix is also on Simply Jeff’s new mix comp “Electro Shock” (out on March 16, 2010).

Local S.F. up and coming producer Rock Richards delivers a massive clubby joint with all kinds of madness.

S.F. Tech House producer Mossmoss (Nightlight Music/ Race Car Productions) drops a really great remix along the Minimal lines.

We've also got DJ Nomad NYC to do a Tribal remix, and it's very NYC Tribal Progressive sounding.

Next Dimension Music artist and Miami local Alan Stenback (who also remixed "Lights Out" for us) gives us a dubby Acid infused Techy jam that oozes and drips into the cerebral cortex.

Mastering by Don C @ Phuture Trax

Lee Coombs remix mastered by Kev for Wired Masters

DJ Support:

Slam: Lee Coombs Remix – 4/5 - interesting - will try out – thanx

Raymundo Rogriguez (Jaded): Alan Stenback Remix – 4/5 - I'm feeling the deep twisted vibes of the Alan Stenback mixes.

Dave Seaman (Therapy Music): 4/5 Coombs mix sounds great

Reid Speed (Play Me): Lee Coombs Remix - nice undeground late night acid vibe rolling through

Ed 2000 (Dangerous Drums/ Berlin): ooh very very nce - im a long time fan of jj and with maestro lee coombes in cahoots this of course is a big tune . full support very very nice . nomads mix is also "in the play folder" material

Oscar G (Murk/ Space Miami): DJ Nomad NYC Remix - cool. good additions to the package.

Lee Coombs (Thrust,Lot49): Alan Stenback Remix – 5/5 - Wicked Stuff! :)

Chloe Harris (Proton Radio/ Bedrock): moss moss remix. im also strangely attracted to alans mixes

Anthony Pappa: DJ Nomad NYC Remix – 4/5 - My favourite is the "DJ Nomad NYC Mix" and l will play this out. Thanks. Pappa.

Russell Deeks (iDJ Mag/ This Is Why We Dance blog, UK): Alan Stenback Remix…4/5 A little bit of acid never hurt anyone!

Chris Eterno (SPIN, @mosphere, Cocktail, SoFo's): I like the DJ Nomad mix

Jaurelio (Wicked Style ‘zine, Italy): 4/5 Lee Combs Remix is a wicked bomb!!!

Riccardo Sada (Trend/ Jocks Mag, Italy): Rock Richards Remix…4/5 Full Support

Mieka Du Franx (Felinephonix/ Nervous Records): New York style from the raw roots and the real flavor blendz. Im diggin that Alan S. More Bass mix, sick acid line, just ripped and shreaded... Mossmoss bent that joint out, cool beans- much support around the globe, xx

DJ Gary Cannavo (Masspool DJs): DJ Nomad NYC Remix…5/5 Now this is what a dance track should sound like!!! fantastic!

Craig Demo (Twist, Billboard Reporter, Miami Beach): DJ Nomad NYC Remix…4/5 full support on this one. will be bang'n it at WMC for sure

Quartz People (Quartz Lock Records, Amsterdam): Lee Coombs Remix – 4/5 - this is the one for me!...nice and chaotic...crowd mover!!!..well done!!!

Pete Simon ( Lee Coombs Remix – 4/5 - Yep,nice Track with a lot of Remixes,i like the Mossmoss & Lee Coombs Mix,right now for my Case...

Oscar Smit (Studio 80 Radio, Netherlands): Alan Stenback Remix…4/5 Great track with lots of old skool acid sounds

Gerard Russchenberg (Club Madnezz): DJ Nomad NYC Remix – 4/5 - its nice

Vision Factory (, Berlin): Lee Coombs for us !

Alan Stenback (Miami): Great package, a mix for all moods. Aside my own, I will spin the Mossmoss or Nomad mixes.

Dex Stakker (Opel Productions, San Francisco): Lee Coombs remix is expansive and epic, bringing his signature sound to this mindbender, with a peak-hour-payoff third act that should land this in more than a few crates, but Rock Richards' bouncy, relentless electro house is also not to be missed!

Denis A (Russia): Lee Coombs Remix – 4/5 - Nice!

Adam Warped (Whickey Pickle, Austin TX): 4/5 Diggin on this Lee Coombs mix. This will work perfectly at my hipster/electro gigs. The Stenback Remixes are pretty tight as well and whoa nice Robotnick loop from Rock Richards. Keep up the good work fellas!

Greg Desty (Montreal, Canada): DJ Nomad NYC Remix…9/10 Love it!!!

Edge Howk (Voodoo Lounge, IMAGO, Radio, U.S.): Mossmoss Remix…10/10 sick track love it!!!!

DJ Icon (San Francisco): Lee Coombs remix is a driving, techy banger with wicked use of an acidline and excellent percussions. Nice one!

Tronic/ Dancefloor Mayhem (Pala, KBOO FM, Portland, OR): 5/5 HUGE release! SO tough to choose a favorite remix. Will defintely be playing Alan Senbeck's More Bass remix, DJ Nomad's remix and Lee Coombs remix.

Nik Feral (Manchester): Mossmoss Remix – 5/5 - Wicked release, loving the acid synth in some of the remixes, but its the Chunky beats of the Mossmoss Remix for me!!!

Additional Support:

Richie Hawtin, Solarstone, Soul Clap, DJ Misk (AltroVerso), DJ Kenn Burrola (Liquid Rhythms Mixshow, KRCL 90.9 FM), DJ Mindaugelis (Club Exit /Club Global, Lithuania), Dingle (Baroque, Babylon, Workout, Jetlag Digital, Bellarine, Airport Route, Bonzai, Jika Jika, Inertia), DJ Heavy (Winnipeg, Canada), Xaric (SenseFM/StaticProgress, InsomniaFM/ PureFM, France), Adrian Santos (New Port Richey), A. Koch (DK Bar/Almaty, Kazakhstan), DJ Jamie C (Hot 899/Touche/Loft 455, Ottawa), Gene (Docshow, Italy), HypnoticDuo (Eternal on PureFM, Lithuania), DJ Bigg Dogg (Regina, Canada), DJ Dirrty Harri (Thunder Bay, Canada), KyneticS (


Review in De:Bug mag (Germany)


Annie Nightingale show – BBC Radio 1 (Dec. 4, 2009): Lee Coombs guest mix

Steve Parry’s “Red Zone” – 107.6 Juice FM, Liverpool (March 19, 2010)

DJ Tronic’s “Plugged In” show – KBOO fm, Portland, OR (March 19, 2010)

Xaric’s “The Atlant Show” on (March 27, 2010)

BLN.FM (Jan., 2010) (March 9, 2010)

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