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Thursday, January 17, 2013

CABL014: Justin Johnson - Go Back (Part 1)

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Artist: Justin Johnson
Release Title: Go Back (Part 1)
Catalog Number: CABL014
1. Alisio Delgado Remix (Tech House)
2. Alan Stenback Remix (Electro Acid House)
3. Nyar D & Floorcraft Remix (Progressive House)

DJ Support:
Jens Lissat: 4/5 (Alisio Delgado Remix) will check sounds interresting!
Raymundo Rodriguez: 4/5 (Alisio Delgado Remix) will definitely give this some plays
Chloe Harris: 3/5 (Alisio Delgado Remix) like the electro acid section too. good heavy beats.
Formless: 4/5 Alisio Delgado mix for me, good techy riddims!
ARA Soundsystem: 3/5 I dig the - Alisio Delgado Remix - Produced well. Slow and hypnotic groove, def sounds old skool but mad brand new, support.
Nik Feral: 5/5 (Alisio Delgado Remix) Awesome release, got my full support
Denis A: 4/5 (Alisio Delgado Remix) Good stuff! Thanks!
DJ DiRRty HaRRi (Thunder Bay, Canada): 8 (Alisio Delgado Remix) solid track, good beats
DJ Wayno (Revelstoke, Canada): 9 (Alisio Delgado Remix)
Sonny D (Dieppe, Canada): 7 (Nyar D & Floorcraft Remix) great house tracks, need more stuff like this
DJ Bigg Dogg (The Distrikt, Regina, Canada): 10 (Alisio Delgado Remix) awesome track
Joseph Depace (Keep De Pace, London, Canada): 7 (Alisio Delgado Remix) nice rhythmic progression
DJ Tonedef (Calgary, Canada): 8 (Alisio Delgado Remix) Great track for any type of club. Great bass line.

Radio Support:
Clint Maximus (The Edge): 4/5 Splendid release package Alisio is sounding good and so is Alan Nyar 100% getting some support from myself Very cool diggin it
Ed2000 ( 4/5 jj delivers again . like all three mixes but alan stenback stands out for me . support !!
Corbin Dooley and Toby Roberts (KXCI Tucson): 3/5 (Alisio Delgado Remix) tight tech vibes. will support.
Kenn Burrola (KRCL 90.9fm, West Jordan, U.S.): 8 (Alisio Delgado Remix) Oh snap! the Alisio Delgado remix.

Wicked Style (Neural Magazine, Italy)
Edinburgh News (Scotland)

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