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Thursday, January 17, 2013

CABL014RX: Justin Johnson - Go Back (Part 3)

Artist: DJ Justin Johnson
Release Title: Go Back (Part 3)
Label: Cable Recordings
Catalog Number: CABL014RX
Release Date: Feb. 27, 2012

1. Go Back (eleVatah Remix)
2. Go Back (Jim Docktor Remix)

DJ Support:
SLAM (Orde Meikle): 4/5 will try out thanx
Matthias Kraus (House Session Radio): eleVatah mix for me . Thx
Marcella (Planet House): EleVatah Remix for me, thanx
Christos Kedras: eleVatah Remix is nice, will try it out
Pete Simon ( like it! support elevatah remix
Nik Feral: Loving the vibes from the Jim Docktor remix
Robert Grand (additan radio): eleVatah Remix for me! THX
Cassandria Daiva (radio Erotech): 4/5 will try elevatah remix
Compact Grey Gris Musique, Klang Gymnastik, Definition Records: eleVatah Remix is really good! . . . . thank you, cg
Summer (aka Brendon Collins): eleVatah remix for me
Mattscu / DJ Mattscu Ent., Summum Night Club / Le P'tit Caribou: eleVatah Remix - nice track , good job
DJ Kenn Burrola / Liquid Rhythms Mixshow, KRCL 90.9 FM / KRCL 90.9 FM: eleVatah Remix - Very cool, funky beats for sure!! Will def support!
DJ A Vicand: eleVatah Remix - Goood , i like the beat
Slee Vester / Ovën Ent., Ocean Drive / Beach Club / Ovën: eleVatah Remix - very groovy track
Maurizio Santi /Dee Jay Santi / Promotionalrecord, Modena Radio City / Radio Mela: eleVatah Remix - Good vibes, nice song.
DJ Bryant / Deet Promotions, X-MIX Dance USA / DJ Brant Live Mixes / eleVatah Remix - SLAMMIN SLAMMIN SLAMMIN
DJ DiRRty HaRRi / Sonic Music Prod, 2 Tone Music / Tony & Adam\'s: eleVatah Remix - solid track, great beats !
Joy Kitikonti (Start Records - Gouta Music - Natural Rhythm Cocoricò (Italy)): 4/5 eleVatah Rmx!
DJ Jay Walker / Independant, Tijuana Yacht Club: eleVatah Remix - Nice track...growing on me.
Dj Klazik: eleVatah Remix - Great Mix love the mix
DJ KeyWee: eleVatah Remix - good vibe, clean. Good track
DJ World Wide Panik / eleVatah Remix - the break down to build up was quite awesome

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