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Friday, May 15, 2020

out now - Atomic Awareness

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DJ support from:
Nik Feral: I’ve not heard much from cable records for a while and this blows my mind! Awesome work!
Robby Clark (Billboard): Good track
DJ Matrix: I really like the trippy feel to this track. Justin just has a way of always putting out music that gets into your head and just takes you away. This track continues that trend for him. Very nice work.
DJ Rockit (Strategik, Sacramento): I am diggin this. It's deep, it's trippy and it has that darker SF vibe. A nice groover!!
Ron Slomowicz (About Dance): Cool tune
Jesse Martinez (Billboard): Nice work sounds great
Jeff Jonas (Billboard): nice
Diaga (Miami): Oh I like this!!!!
Alan Stenback: Digging the instrumental mix!
Eric Riggsbee (Faultline, Oakland): I love finding these cross over tracks. You have the vibes of a tech breaks track with a more traditional locked in drum line. I am looking forward to rinsing this in my sets.   


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